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Facebook logo on Facebook pageThese days, if you’re in business, you’re on social media and it’s a big job to manage a brand well on just one social media channel let alone multiple channels.  Big brands are spending tens of millions of dollars each year to build out their brand pages on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and more.

The reason brands are doing this is because they know their customer spend a lot of time on social media sites and if you want to be in front of your customers, you need to be where they are.

The other big reason brands are busy on social media is because it’s profitable.  Brands that are engaging their customers in creative and relevant ways are seeing increased sales and exposure and social proof is considerably more influential on prospective customers than traditional marketing like billboards, radio, TV and print.  If my friends like something there is a good chance I’ll like it too.

This post takes a look at the top brands on Facebook based on how many fans they have.  The list and info is from a super cool website, fanpagelist.com, that tracks brand pages and many other categories on Facebook.  So without further ado, here are the Top 20 Brands on Facebook along with my commentary.

Top 20 Brands on Facebook

Facebook's Facebook page Image

#1           Facebook                        Fans = 141,942,844

What a surprise 😉


Coca Cola's Facebook Page Image

#2           Coca-Cola (Coke)             Fans = 79,875,348

This is my favorite cola


MTV Facebook Page Image

#3           MTV                                Fans = 49,178,028

Didn’t know they were still around


Disney Facebook Page Image

#4           Disney                             Fans = 46,541,015

Who doesn’t love this brand!


Red Bull Facebook Page Image

#5           Red Bull                           Fans = 42,967,691

This stuff gives me a headache


Converse Facebook Page Image

#6           Converse                          Fans = 39,609,628

I haven’t worn Converse in a few years


Starbucks Faacebook Page Image

#7           Starbucks                         Fans = 36,270,407

Their marketing is better than their coffee


Walmart Facebook Page Image

#8           Walmart                            Fans = 34,515,953

I’m a Target shopper myself


Samsung Mobile Facebook Page Image

#9           Samsung Mobile                Fans = 32,519,760

Creators of the phablet, yuk!


Pepsi Facebook Page Image

#10         Pepsi                                Fans = 31,521,356

First place loser in the cola wars


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McDonald's Facebook Page Image

#11         McDonalds                        Fans = 30,212,372

These guys franchised obesity


BlackBerry Facebook Page Image

#12         BlackBerry                        Fans = 29,931,724

I don’t think they have that many users


Subway Facebook Page Image

#13         Subway                             Fans = 26,924,952

The anti-obesity fast food brand


Victoria's Secret Facebook Page Image

#14         Victoria’s Secret                 Fans = 24,234,145

How to “main stream” sexy


Intel Facebook Page Image

#15         Intel                                   Fans = 24,166,995

Their new 4th gen I7 chip rocks!


Monster Energy Facebook Page Image

#16         Monster Energy                  Fans = 22,724,562

One of these drinks and 20 mg. of Adderall works every time


Amazon Facebook Page Image

#17         Amazon                             Fans = 23,264,005

Amazon and I are join at the Kindle Fire


Target Facebook Page Image

#18         Target                                 Fans = 22,724,562

Maybe they should hire Walmart’s social team


Nickelodeon Facebook Page Image

#19         Nickelodeon                        Fans = 21,764,128

What would the world be without SpongeBob


Levi's Facebook Page Image

#20         Levi’s                                  Fans = 21,133,592

I’ve been wearing Levi’s since I was 10

There you have it, the Top 20 Brands on Facebook per Fan Page List on March 1, 2014.  I’m curious, how many of these brands are you following? Leave a comment and let us know!

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