social media coupon - Social media marketingMost of us got into social media to connect with our friends online. In the early days of social media, companies and brands were on the sidelines waiting to see how it played out, which social media sites evolved and trying to figure out how to leverage these new channels for marketing. A lot has changed since the early days of Facebook and Twitter and today Brands and small businesses are challenged by not only which channels to connect with their customers but also how to do it effectively.

In the beginning a brand could simply set up a free “company” page on most social channels and link to it from their company web site and their customers slowly started to find and “like” or “follow” them. Brands quickly discovered that their fans and followers on their social channels were fairly responsive to promotional messaging and the best part was they could send promotional messages to them for free.

Sending promotional messages to fans through a social channels has the added bonus of extending a brands reach as some of your fans will share your promotion with their friends. Using social media to connect with customers benefits companies in two ways;

  1. Easy Sharing – Social media makes this super easy for people to share your coupons, discounts and deals by simply “liking”, “sharing” or “retweeting” your promotional message, and
  2. Social Proof – When we see something our friends like, we are more likely to give that business a try

Part of the secret to this marketing strategy is getting your customers to follow your brand on social channels and clearly some brands are better at it than others.  That said, the folks at digital marketing agency Razorfish were kind enough to share the results of a consumer survey which asked consumers why they would “friend” a brand.  Below are the top 5 reasons people follow a brand on social media;

  1. Exclusive deals or offers – 36.9%
  2. I am a current customer – 32.9%
  3. Interesting or entertaining content – 18.2% – This one is no easy task!
  4. Other people I know are friends of the brand – 6.2% – Social proof
  5. Service, support, or product news – 5.0%


Facebook marketing for restaurants and retailThere is some seriously great news here for brands and small business owners; the #1 reason, “exclusive deals and offers”, is something that is easy to create and free to distribute!


But this fact also begs the question;

Why would companies spend time and money on printed coupons, coupon mailers and email services that force them into super steep discounts with only a 50/50 shot at a repeat customer when they can send promotional messages to their current customers through their social channels and run a better than average chance of extending their reach to new customers for free?

OK, maybe generating business through social media isn’t as easy as it sounds but what if it was?

Enter, a free social coupon site that lets big brands and small businesses set up a branded page and share coupons with not only their current customers and fans but also with every other member of the community who is looking for a good deal.

If your company has been struggling with how to leverage social media to grow your business, maybe it’s time you stopped trying so hard and just did it!

Take a few minutes to set up your free branded account and upload your next coupon (or just clip it from your website if it’s already there). Then let your customers know they can find your next coupon on and let the social sharing begin!

After the first of the year it will be even easier as will include a free coupon creator for small companies that don’t have creative people on staff.

The bottom line is social media is changing the way companies do business and this is one party to don’t want to be late to.

Feel free to leave us a comment and let us know if there is anything we can do to improve

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